Where’s My Water: Youtube and a Secret

Is it just me or is Disney all over the place today? After acquiring Lucasfilm for a fee of $4 billion they deciding to treat the Where’s My Water fans as well! Disney has a new youtube series based off the game called “Swampy’s Underground Adventures”. But to celebrate they’ve hidden a secret level in the game with a little hint, “Look for the Fire Extinguisher!” Interesting…well I haven’t found it yet myself but I’ll be in touch if I do! Are you guys willing to do the same? Shoot me a comment if you find something.

Also, if you purchased the Mystery Ducks upgrade you’ve got 20 more levels to complete. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The level has been found. Go to the bottom of the collections page and pull the page up. You’ll find a carved extinguisher. Tap it and you’re in! Video above!

Episode 1 of Swampy’s Underground Adventures

One comment on “Where’s My Water: Youtube and a Secret

  1. I am allways looking forward for Where’s my Watter updates but it seems that recently they include only new levels for IAP games and not much for Swampy’s Story. I also miss achievements for for hidden levels from previous update (Big Birthday’s Present) and now Extinguisher. I am surprised that Big Present was available for playing only for short time.

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