Where’s My Water Update Adds Mud and Mystery

Wheres My Water 10 Days of Mystery Episode Selection Screen

The waters are brewing with new content today! Sometime during the night, Disney released new versions of both the Full and Free versions of Where’s My Water. The Full version of the game brings a full new 20 level chapter to the Swampy edition. This chapter, titled “Out to Dry”, has a great new liquid — Mud!  After playing a few levels you’ll see that the mud will turn to dirt if you let it sit too long and if water touches other mud all of THAT water will turn to mud as well. It adds new challenges to the levels and is quite a bit of fun. But that’s not all!

Disney has also introduced a new edition called “Mystery Duck”. In Mystery Duck, you’ll see that all the level layouts are the same but the ducks are different. You’ll find three different types of ducks in this version. The first is the Mega Duck — He is huge and will need more water than a normal duck. The second is the Mystery Duck — He keeps disappearing and reappearing until you are able to get enough water over him. And last are the Ducklings — On the levels with the Ducklings there are 10 tiny little ducks to get, which take very little water. There are 100 new challenges to start, with another 100 promised later. BUT. There is a fee for the Mystery Duck. It’s a little disappointing and like many of the app store ratings are saying, it feels a bit greedy. And to add insult, it’s also $2.99 which is more than the game itself. That being said, sometimes we need to put things into perspective, $3 bucks is less than most fancy cups of coffee. Console games are still $60 when released at your local Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Game Stop, etc. We aren’t forced to buy it and they still brought 20 free new levels. So buy it if you’re looking for more, and don’t buy it if you’re not.

That brings us to the Free version though. We’ve got 5 new levels in Swampy’s Picks which are taken from the new “Out to Dry” chapter in the full version. Also just like like some of the past free releases there is another one level per day chapter, titled 10 Days of Mystery. If I can make some assumptions from the title of the chapter and from playing todays level and I’d say this is a look into the Mystery Duck Edition from the Full Game.

Lots going on for fans of Where’s My Water. Hit your download or update buttons to join the fun!

3 comments on “Where’s My Water Update Adds Mud and Mystery

  1. I really didn’t mind the extra $3 for the Mystery Duck. However, I would have expected a bit more challenge for this amount. Cranky was $1 with really new and awesome levels but that wasn’t the case with the Mystery levels. Anyway, it’s ok for my…

    By the way, a weird bug(?) for my Android device: HTC Desire is suddenly an incompatible device (for the 1.7.0 update) on Google Play but still compatible in Amazon Appstore. Kinda weird, I wonder if they are aware of it and if yes, why they did it. Nevertheless, the game is fully playable and awesome as always! :-)

    • I agree, @teogeo. Honestly I felt that challenge lacked as well in those levels. I’m not FULLY through them but I haven’t been challenged yet at least. I think it really felt more like a $1 worth of new and different when compared to other paid in-game updates. Thanks for visited us and like Birdleader said. Where’s My Water stuff is coming!

      Also, have you tried Where’s My Perry yet? Same concept and gameplay, different levels. Fun stuff.

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