Where’s My Perry…Gone Christmas.


Actually from what I can tell the holiday theme is only a very small part of this level. That’s because this is a pretty substantial update! Agent P delivers 20 new levels in a new chapter titled “Memoirs of a Monogram,” which even introduces a new game mechanic called “The Separator”. From what I can tell so far, when you tap on the device it sends out a beam which acts as a wall. I have the feeling it may do more though. We’ll see after playing more levels.

BUT, that ain’t all folks! Introducing Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated. If you’re familiar with Where’s My Water in-game off-shoot Cranky’s Stories then you’ll understand the new DEI (yeah, don’t want to keep typing “Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated”) Basically, the very thing that kills the Gnome in the normal levels is exact thing that the new DEI cyclops gnomes want. You get 5 Free levels to start and then if you want to play more you’ll be charged a nominal fee of $1.99.

Let’s go back to the Holiday Theme though. From the sound of the iTunes update description I think there may be a secret level hidden somewhere. Let us know if you find it!

Where’s My Perry

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  1. I udated it this morning. Perry is surely cool game, I even start to love it more than Water. disney keeps its’ concept of IAPs, I will try and of course be enough teased to purchase DEI as well.

  2. BTW , Fuji Toast I am glad to see new article on Rocket Pound after long time. Does anybody of you guys have a chance to try games before they are actually released? I am particulary interested in new game from ZeptoLab “Pudding Monsters”, seems like it is going to be at least fun game, althoug I highly doubt that any game can ever become addictable as AB games and Fruit Ninja .

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