Tiny Wings 2 Update Out Now

Tiny Wings Flight Mode Bird Selection Screen

A little less than a week ago we teased you with a trailer and a few details about Tiny Wings 2. Now the latest major update to Tiny Wings is here! Notice how I said, “update”? Originally we thought Tiny Wings 2 was going to be a completely new app, but Andreas Illiger — the creator of Tiny Wings — opted against. But that’s not all! Since it’s an update it is completely free! (You just have to love developers who really care about their fans!) And if you’re an iPad user is tired of using 2x mode, Tiny Wings HD is now available in the App Store for a very reasonable $2.99.

The main component of Tiny Wings 2 is a a brand new chapter called, “Flight School”. Flight School includes three new islands (Clown Islands, Koi Islands, and Orca Islands) with five levels each. Andreas Illiger said that these levels “really flow”, and they really do. When you first enter “Flight School” you select your favorite “tiny” bird and then you race the other birds (your siblings) across the island until you reach your mother. It’s important to note that these aren’t endless-runner type levels like what we say in Day Trip. At the end of a level you receive a score based on your final place in the race. Depending on how you finish, you can earn a gold fish (first), silver fish (second), blue fish (third), or a rusty-looking snail (last). You have to place at least third to unlock the next level.

The game play is quite similar to what we’re used to. You tap to drop of of the sky and slide down the hills. You then release towards to the top to fly into the sky before you ultimately come down again. In Flight Mode there are obstacles, such as ponds that slow you down, as well as things that help you, such as flowers, which are like trampolines.

This really is an amazing update that takes that will delight Tiny Wings fans across the world. In addition to the new chapter and levels, the Tiny Wings 2 update includes:

  • A new flock of baby birds, fish, and other surprises!
  • Support for the Retina Display on the new iPad!
  • Split-screen multiplayer modes on iPad! Either race to 10,000 points or compete over a 5-level gauntlet match. Not evenly matched? You can set a handicap for The weaker player to level the field!
  • Fly at night.
  • Support for iCloud, which even syncs your progress between iPhone and iPad.
  • Updated menu.

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