Tiny Places: First Look and Review

Meet Napoleon the Chameleon. This fun little lizard is the main character in Tiny Places, a fun platform-puzzle by a game studio named Gogogic and published by Big Fish Games. Napoleon is the pet of a little girl scout who keeps making boxes and scenes in which you will help guide him out of.

The game play works by grabbing the back of Napoleon and dragging him backwards while his tongue is attached to a screw and flinging him around the levels trying attaching him to other screws until you reach the exit. After writing that last sentence it sounds like we might get a letter from PETA but trust me…he likes it. In each level are three fireflies placed throughout the level which move around in a predetermined path. Collect all three plus make it to the exit and the level is complete. Later levels will introduce color changing patches, moving screws, transport cups and other interesting twists.

I found the game to have a very appealing design style, which reminds me heavily of the Cut The Rope games. The gameplay is not extremely challenging but it is still fun enough to hold your attention for a while. To put this game in my “must play” folder though, I’d like to see more puzzle and less platform. Currently on the start screen they have an ad for a sequel so hopefully we’ll see some more variety in gameplay and puzzles with it’s release. Regardless at $2 for HD and $1 for SD, I think this is still a good buy with a good broad age range to entertain kids and adults alike. Currently only available on iOS you can find it in the Apple App Store.

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