Splashy Fish – Our first look at this “adventure of a flappy tiny bird fish”

So apparently there was just this thing with that app, the one with the bird – right?  Now that our bird friend is gone I’ve read about a billion different articles about charts of games that will take his place eating chunks of very valuable time.  Nothing I had seen so far has come close to being a decent substitution until I ran across Splashy Fish.  I had already downloaded Flappy Bird before it was pulled off the shelves, but the timing of the games disappearance has created speculation that range from common sense to downright conspiratorial (that one involves Yakuza and a few Nintendo executives – use your imagination).

If you missed out on all the Flappy Bird drama, you’re not alone – my 6-year-old son has no idea what happened either.  If you came in on the tail end right after the game was pulled from virtual shelves, you’re in luck.   Released just yesterday Splashy Fish is a pretty blatant and well-executed ripoff of its elusive predecessor, speaking to the impressive timing of Splashy’s emergence in the App Store.  Developers Jungle Studios and seller Massimo Guareschi must have a killer instinct to be able to recognize the hole left by our friend Flappy.

The game is essentially Flappy Bird but underwater, and with fish instead of birds.  You’re still looking at 8-bit graphics and sound effects.  Game play for both is exactly the same – tap the screen to navigate your fish through obstacles beneath the waves and through Mario-esque pipes.  If Nintendo was annoyed to see Flappy, I would bet my red plumber’s overalls that  they were downright miffed (that’s underexaggeration) when they stumbled across Splashy.

If you are inconsolably lonely without your Flappy Bird, just consider Splashy Fish to be an acceptable replacement. I played it and I was just as frustrated with the fish as I am with the bird.  After a few retries it was almost like I was playing a slightly different variation of the original and I felt guilty for thinking I might like Splashy more than I did Flappy.  It’s a free download (the good news) but you’ll have to put up with a moderate amount of ads (the good news for Massimo). I have a hard time turning down a free download barring any excessive advertising, so it’s worth your time to just check out Splashy Fish.

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