Shark Dash, WildAid and Discovery Channel Fight for the Sharks

Today Shark Dash released a new update which partners together with non-profit WildAid and Discovery Channel to mark the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week. Users will be able to contribute to WildAid which focuses on reducing demand for wildlife products. In this case the reduction of unregulated shark fin trade which kills up to 73 million sharks annually. The funds raised will go towards awareness and education campaigns against the demand for shark fin soup.


As if doing a good deed isn’t enough, Gameloft has been so nice as to drop the price of Shark Dash all the way down to the grand ole’ price of FREE on iOS devices. That’s right, if you haven’t grabbed it yet, now’s the time. Sorry Android users, still $0.99 for you.


The game itself received a few minor updates with with updated graphics, altered difficulty and access to GameLoft Live. So head to the App Store or Google Play and show your support for keeping sharks in our waters not in our soup. Go get it now!


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