Rock Band leaving the App Store in mere days


It seems that due to licensing issues, EA will be pulling the Rock Band titles from the App Store after July 31st. So if you have wanted them but just never grabbed them, you better do it quick. Neither game has seen an update in over a year and a half, so there hasn’t been a lot of attention given to them, but the news undoubtedly stings a bit for the portable-rhythm players out there. The games will obviously continue to work but they just won’t be able to be downloaded. This includes downloadable content as well. Now with that being said, if you accidentally delete the game you can usually still get it back by going to the app store on your device and clicking purchased and then redownload from there (This won’t work for banned games though). You can always reinstall the app from your synced computer as well. If you’d like more instructions on how to back up a pulled app, pocketgamer has set up some great instructions.

Rock Band @ the App Store
Rock Band Reloaded @ the App Store

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