First Look: Jar on a Bar


Jar on a Bar, developed by Emantras and published by Chillingo, is a fun, family friendly, yet challenging physics game that will test your puzzle solving skills.

Set in a cartoonish environment, the game starts with a short animation showing how our goldfish ended up in a jar. After being snatched by a mean fisherman with an odd habit, the fish is placed in a jar sitting on complex “Jenga style” structures made of wood blocks. The objective is to save the fish by guiding him down to the river, without spilling water or breaking the jar, so he can jump out of the bowl into the stream.

To do this, you must carefully move blocks around while maintaining the stability of the entire structure. Right! It is easier said than done.
The multi-touch commands are smooth and responsive. They allow you to quickly remove blocks by sliding them away or to slowly drag them into position to optimize balance.

There are three main worlds with 24 levels each. As you progress, the levels increase in difficulty and new elements are introduced, like the bars with metal spikes and ice blocks.

You start each level with three stars. Every time you spill some water, you loose half a star and points. Those are precious stars that you will need to unlock other worlds. You are also awarded “shell” points after each level. These points can be used to purchase “power ups” that will help you pass difficult levels.

All in all, for just $0.99, Jar On A Bar is a great deal. Although its physics engine needs to be tweaked, it remains a fun and family oriented game that will keep you entertained for many hours.

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