First Look: Pitfall!

I must admit. I’m disappointed. Disappointed in Activision. The original Pitfall! was a game for the Atari 2600 and helped start the idea of the side scrolling adventure. I played it a few times as a kid but there wasn’t a gaming system in my house until the original Nintendo. But the point is I played it and so did MANY other people my age. These people are the kind that will check out this new version and say, “Oh cool, I used to play Pitfall! back in the day! I’ll give this one a try.” Well, if you’re expecting an homage to the original, you will also be disappointed.

What we have here is yet ANOTHER Temple Run rip-off. And really, I don’t even really care for Temple Run. These rip-offs are popping up left and right and they really aren’t offering anything new. At least couple weeks ago we had Agent Dash. That one had cool graphics reminiscent of The Incredibles. I think my distaste for these games comes from boredom. I make it a decent way through a round and then I make a mistake and then I have to start ALL over at the beginning where everything is moving really slow and your progressing past obstacles you just saw. Yeah, I know, it’s random. But it’s so random, it’s all the same. Does that make sense? I don’t know, it does in my head at least. Now at least in Pitfall! you do have checkpoints. But you have to make a certain distance and then have enough coins or diamonds are whatever the currency is to BUY that checkpoint. “You have to BUY it?!” Yes. But that’s ok, if you don’t have enough coins Activision is happy to sell you more coins so you can progress faster. (Sense my sarcasm) That’s right just like many of the other rip-off games out there, they want you to spend your own hard earned cash on in game currency. Pass. Activision created a greedy, uncreative dud with this one. Avoid it. Unless of course you LOVE Temple Run, it’s only $.99 in the app store. Wait, but then you may as well just play Temple Run. Nevermind, still skip it.

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