First Look: Krashlander

I’ve got the feeling that with Krashlander you’ll either love it or hate it. Normally, I’d feel pretty comfortable telling you whether you should spend your money or not, but I’m having trouble in this instance. Don’t get me wrong. I love the game. Seriously, I’m really excited for more levels. BUT the first time I played Krashlander I got to level 4 and after trying really hard for about 15 minutes, I both the phone down and said, “Well that was a crappy dollar spent.” I just could not get the skier to rotate! But more on that later.

Krashlander is by Farseer games. Which is actually just one guy named Jeff Weber. But Weber has done a great job of keeping things simple and producing a game that focuses on the gameplay and just lets the basic stickman graphics stand. Heck, it works in Super Stickman Golf, so why can’t it work here?

So the gameplay story in Krashlander goes like this. Robots have attacked the world, and you seem to be the last hope for saving the earth. Well, you and your skis. At the end of each level you kamikaze yourself into the robots which kills them. Hmmmmm. Yeah, I kinda feel as though Jeff was just looking for a good reason to toss the skier off a cliff and show off the fun ragdoll effect. Great story? No, not really. Does it matter? Nah, not at all.

Much like many other games, you shoot to achieve 3 stars on each level. In order to accomplish this you need to pass the level on the first try. You can always just back out to the level menu to restart the “attempts” clock, so don’t be too worried about that. Though if you’re having trouble with a particular level the developer was kind enough to offer to unlock the next level if you attempt and fail the same level 10 times in a row.

The controls are what give this game such a step learning curve and I think I figured out what the issue is after playing for a little while. With most games when you tap let or right to rotate the character or object it will keep rotating to your hearts desire as well as rotate as though there is some invisible force being applied to it. But not in this case. In Krashlander, you’re actually leaning the skier himself. So once he’s leaned all the way forward or all the way back, that’s all there is. It may take you a little while to get the hang of it, but once you do you’ll find it’s fun, yet challenging. Pro tip: Rather then sliding your finger from the bottom to the top in a jump, lift your finger off the screen and tap up when you need extra height.

Krashlander launched with 20 levels with verifying degrees of difficulty, which you may get through quite quickly or may take you a really long time. Depends on your grasp of this new control style. More levels are on their way and Weber has mentioned that he’ll be addressing the learning curve with some new beginner levels to introduce new players to the controls a bit more slowly. At this time we’re also missing Game Center support, but this too, is on it’s way. The one problem, I’d personally like to see addressed is the lack of replay value. After the stars are all achieved that’s all you’ve got. There’s no other score to attempt to increase. But I’d say that’s a good problem for Farseer Games to have. Your players want to play more you just have to figure out how to keep them. Let’s see what you’ve got Jeff Weber!

Krashlander is currently available on iOS and Windows Phone. If you’ve got some patience for new control styles than give this one a go. It’s fun, challenging and addicting.

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