First Look: iBlast Moki 2

If you’re a puzzle fan and you haven’t heard of Godzilab’s iBlast Moki then you’re missing out. The first iBlast Moki came out in 2009 won awards gallore. It was a creative game where in the objective was to make use of bombs to blast the cute little characters known as Moki’s into a portal. It started fairly simply with levels ramping up by putting various obstacles in the way. But later it got MUCH more tricky and creative by allowing you to alter the timers on the bombs which required some crazy chain reactions to complete.

Well around this time last year, Godzilab brought iBlast Moki 2. And it appears the developers didn’t just cash in. They brought a bunch of new levels but most importantly new gameplay. The most interesting additions are the three new bomb types: speed, bounce and sticky. When these bombs explode they “paint” the nearby surfaces with their corresponding color and when a Moki touches them, the magic begins. I think one thing that Godzilab could have done a little better is showing how these bombs work but it’s a small gripe as all it takes is a quick play to under stand them. Though of the same accord I think there probably should’ve been a little better of a tutorial section for those who never played the first iBlast Moki.

All in all, I think the game is terrific though if I’m honest, due to the extremely quick increase of difficulty I don’t find myself coming back to it to keep playing like I do some of my other favorites. They do have a solution/level help section but it requires the use of coins which are kinda hard to come by. I would kinda like to see more of a take like Amazing Alex, where you can see your Game Center friends solutions free of charge.

There is a universal version of the game for $2.99 and an iPhone version for just $.99. Get it in the AppStore!

Universal Version
iPhone Version


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