First Look: Flockwork

It’s time to go herding! Flockwork is a puzzler from a Shanghai-based company called ReignDesign put out for the iPad. The game is another puzzler which does it’s best to hook you with quick-play levels and fairly slowly up the difficulty so you have a hard time putting it down. With the update put out this past Tuesday there are now 90 engaging levels — some pretty simple taking mere seconds with others that will have you scratching your head hitting the restart button multiple times.

Gameplay is based on the idea that sheep always move together. So when you drag your finger on the screen it moves all of the sheep at once. The goal is to get the sheep into there pen since a dog (which kinda reminds me of the laughing dog from Duck Hunt) failed to do his job. Of course it’s not always that simple, you must navigate different fields while avoiding fire, water, barbed wire and border of the field/screen.

I found the game to be quite entertaining and definitely worth a play here and there. It may not go into my favorites folder but, hey, it takes quite a game to enter those ranks! At the time it’s only available for iPad and is a very reasonable $.99. If that’s still too much to take a chance on, there is a free version available.

Flockwork: Addictive Sheep Herding

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