First Look: Band Together

Band Together is a wonderfully designed game with beautiful creative artwork and simple game play. Produced by BackFlip Studios, Band Together will immediately draw comparisons to a very popular game in the nineties called Lemmings. Both games feature little characters who will do your bidding without a word of complaint. In Band Together you take control of the “Bandies” and guide them with swipes of your finger to the exit. The puzzles and obstacles will keep things interesting along the way. My favorite part of the game is the music and graphics. Not so say the game play is bad but the graphics show you this game is different than the other Lemmings like games immediately on the start menu. On this page it appears as though it was a photograph shot with a Lytro camera which fades between different focuses. Very cool trick. Also at the beginning is a love it or hate it, creepy, banjo-style music. I just love that is doesn’t sound like everything else out there. It stands out. Lastly are the awesome hand drawn (looking at least) DaVinci-like sketches which guide you through the game. I honestly found myself  excited to see what the next drawing would have. The game is well worth the asking price and highly recommended if you are longing for a creative Lemmings replacement with a twist.

Band Together is avilable for iOS only, and goes for $.99 in the App Store.

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