Fieldrunners 2 HD Free and Fieldrunners 2 HD 1.3 Update


Fieldrunners 2 HD Video featuring Polymorph Tower and Santa Strike

Attention all Fieldrunners Masters! Just in time for the holidays, Subatomic Studios graces us with a surprise update (v1.3) to Fieldrunners 2 HD, and the release of a brand new app Fieldrunners 2 HD Free.
The update features new Towers, new Items and some nice performance tweaks. You’ll also notice the introduction of the “Coin Store” which will allow you to purchase coins with real money and unlock more towers faster.
The free version comes with the new Polymorph Tower already unlocked, and can be transferred via iCloud to the paid version. And you guessed it, the free version comes with limited maps and features.


  • Polymorph Tower – Turn metaphorical sheep into literal sheep with our first ever rapid-fire slow tower.
  • Napalm Tower – Cause a lingering burning sensation with our hottest tower yet.


  • Santa Strike – Ho ho ho! What do you want for Christmas? EXPLOSIVES!
  • Frostinator – Frosty the slow man, was a jolly happy slow. With a corn-cob pipe and a decent range, he turns baddies into snow.
  • Superpack – 3 Santas, 3 Rewinds, 3 Frostinators!
  • Ultrapack – 9 Freezes, 9 Fires, 9 Flus


  • Added all new coin store!
  • iCloud fixes
  • Resolution automatically adjusts to fix memory issues


  • Full iPad Retina support for beautiful, HD graphics
  • Cannonball Tower lets you play pool with Fieldrunners
  • Zap Tower electrocutes groups with chains of lightning
  • Sonic Tower blasts enemies like a shotgun of sound
  • Slow Link Tower freezes enemies as they march through lasers
  • Machine Gun Tower fires powerful bullets with tracers
  • One and a half hours of developer commentary
  • Transfer game saves with iCloud

Fieldrunners 2 iPhone

Fieldrunners 2 HD iPad

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