First Look: Fieldrunners 2 (iPhone)


Subatomic Studios has done it again!

It’s been four years since the first Fieldrunners, the hit tower defense game that took the Appstore by storm in 2008, long before Angry Birds took over. The long awaited sequel is out. Rebuilt from the ground up, using AutoDesk 3D animation, it redefines the tower defense genre with splash and wit.

The core gameplay is the same as its predecessor. You must stop waves of enemies by placing towers on their paths. As the enemies die, you make money, allowing you to buy or upgrade your towers. But this action-packed, feature-rich sequel goes beyond that.

Featuring stunning hand painted graphics, Fieldrunners 2 adds more maps, more weapons, more enemies and more ways to play than any game in its category. Most notably, the incredibly “organic” swarming behavior of enemies will blow you away. The new multi-storied maps that route enemies over bridges, under tunnels and into trenches are simply amazing. Additionally, the introduction of new game modes such as the innovative puzzle solving map: Last Limbo, the mine laying map: Be Mine, add an interesting twist to the otherwise classic sudden death/survival modes.

Unlike most of its competitors, Subatomic steered away from the very unpopular IAP (In App Purchase). Instead, they offer new ways of acquiring towers, “power ups” and “special items” with coins and stars collected throughout the game.

The new Towers (i.e. the “Hive”, the “Plague”) and special one-use Items (i.e. the “Spanish Flu”, the “Rewind”) cleverly go beyond the standard machine guns and rocket launchers we are accustomed to. Those can be selected at the beginning of each level, which is a nice improvement.

As if all this wasn’t enough, you will also find a new collection card system that rewards a card for every Game Center achievement earned, which is just one more reason why this is a solid, well-polished thought-out game.

We were a bit disappointed that the iPad version wasn’t simultaneously released, but we will certainly be looking out for it.

Available on iPhone and iPod Touch for $2.99. The iPad version is expected to be released soon. Subatomic Studios already plans to support Fieldrunners 2 like the original, with more content even after the game’s release.

Key Features:

  • 20 unique, upgradable weapons for stopping the enemies in style.
  • Air strikes, mines, and powerful items let you attack with the precision of a surgeon!
  • Sudden Death, Time Trial, and Puzzle type levels put a fresh spin on tower defense.
  • Trenches, bridges, and tunnels make strategic choices more important than ever.
  • Customizable loadouts so you can pick the perfect weapons for each battle.
  • Revolutionary AI lets the fieldrunners move with stunning realism.
  • Elite enemy types bring new challenges to the battlefield.
  • A tower that launches bee hives!

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