Fibble Garden Update Adds New Levels & Klonk

Fibble HD Garden Update Meet Clonk Screenshot

Fresh on the heels of a Ski Safari and Fruit Ninja update somes a brand new update for Fibble on iOS. The v1.1.1 Fibble update includes brand new levels and a new alien named, “Klonk”. We’ll break down everything included in this update below:

  • Brand new “Garden” setting with additional levels and expanded gameplay
  • The lost files part 1, where you can play and unlock additional levels in the House
  • “Meet Klonk”, a brand new alien
  • iCloud support!
  • New “Fibble skins” — dress Fibble up to look cool

Additional Features

  • Improved loading times
  • Reworked “nudge” feature
  • Expanded social functionality and features
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes

Go grab the update in the AppStore today!

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