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Feels like it’s been forever but it’s finally arrived and it didn’t disappoint. Cut the Rope just updated this morning with a brand new chapter called Spooky Box! With a title like “spooky box” I would’ve thought they’d want to time this one out with Halloween but maybe they are just as impatient as us. Anyways, can I take a second to say something? I absolutely love how with each new box ZeptoLab is able to come out with a fantastic and creative way to introduce new gamplay. That’s what makes this game awesome. Alright, back to the new stuff. This time the developers have brought us a ghost. This ghost has the ability to change what he appears as. For example, in the first new level tap him once and he turns into a bumper, tap again and it’s a bubble, tap again and it’s back to the bumper and so on. So now you have to figure out in what order you should use the given elements. I love it!

As usual this update brings 25 new levels and is a free update for iOS players. Get yours now! Sorry Android users it looks like GooglePlay hasn’t yet updated.

Oh and walkthroughs to come soon, right here on RocketPond.

Cut the Rope HD
Cut the Rope


6 comments on “Cut the Rope — Spooky Box

  1. Sorry if this comment is out-of-place, however I have a Cut the Rope question. I’ve played on my iPad (HD version) for months and want to transfer my progress to my iPod… however I can’t seem to find a way to do that and it doesn’t seem as easy as Angry Birds. I tried iCloud Sync and turned it “on” on both devices, but nothing. :( The data doesn’t even appear in my iCloud Documents and Data. Any other ways? Thanks in advance for the help! :)

    • I’m with ya. I had played on my iPhone first and then went to transfer everything over to the iPad and all it did was mess up my achievements. So as of right now, I don’t know of any good way to transfer progress. I also thought that the icloud sync was supposed to take care of it but it’s never worked for me either. We’ll be sure to report if we hear anything.

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