Cut the Rope Experiments Superpowers Update Just Arrived

Cut the Rope Experiments Purchase Superpowers Screenshot

It’s been a big couple days in the mobile games world, as we’ve had significant updates to Fruit Ninja, Ski Safari, and Fibble. Now there is a brand new Cut the Rope Experiments update (v1.4) that includes new superpowers.

What are superpowers?

Superpowers can be used to help you out of a jam and unlock new gameplay where your objective is to collect a hidden blue star. Once a superpower is activated by clicking the lighting icon a few things happen:

  • The candy becomes unbreakable
  • An extra blue star appears where your goal is to obtain it.
  • Om Nom’s appearance changes (is that a colored rubber glove he’s got on his head?)
  • The edges now rebound (i.e. the candy won’t go off the screen)
  • You can now use “telekinese” superpower to control the candy; thus, allowing you to collect the blue star. Telekinese is triggered by tapping the screen. When the screen is tapped a circular force field appears. The force field affects the candy, allowing you to move it around the screen in new ways.

Cost of Superpowers

  • 20 for $0.99
  • 50 for $1.99
  • 150 for $3.99
  • 500 for $7.99

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