Cut The Rope Candy Feast Mini-Game Now Available

Box Selection Screen

ZeptoLab has released a brand new twist to the original Cut the Rope HD app for iPad, and they have done it completely silently. Check the iOS AppStore if you’d like, but there is absolutely no mention of this new game called Candy Feast! Now, we are being careful to not call this a new box, because it’s not. It’s a new mini-game, currently only for the HD app, that indulges Om Nom’s sweet tooth.

We aren’t entirely sure what the condition is for this game to be unlocked. For us, it popped up as a sort of “reward” as soon as we opened the app. It could be that you need every star; it could be that you need to pass every level. If we manage to narrow this down, we will certainly let you know.

Nonetheless, Candy Feast involves no cutting of ropes. Rather, you control Om Nom with your finger and can move him in any direction on the screen. Candy, doughnuts, and other sweets fall from the sky (yummy) and Om Nom just couldn’t be happier. Move him all over the screen to collect every sweet that falls. Beware of spiders, because eating one will cause you to lose. Also, you lose if even a single sweet is missed. If you need help, every once in a while a magnet passes by. The magnet attracts only sweets, but its pull is not absolute. If a sweet is already behind Om Nom, it will slow it down and may pull it back a little, but it’s no guarantee. It’s real “Laws of Physics” sort of stuff (other than the fact that magnets don’t attract candy!).

What’s the goal? Well, go as long as you can. You receive a blue star at different increments (1st star at 20 sweets, 2nd star at 40 sweets, etc.). This star is added to your total on the Box Selection page. Also, there are five new achievements associated with Candy Feast, so if you’re a completionist, this should be a fun reward as well!

  1. Appetizer: Collected 150 sweets in one session.
  2. Cornucopia: Collected 2000 sweets in total.
  3. Grand Meal: Collected 250 sweets in one session.
  4. Mind the Gap: Caught 50 sweets which almost hit the bottom.
  5. Sweet Magnetics: Collected 20 sweets using a single magnet.

13 comments on “Cut The Rope Candy Feast Mini-Game Now Available

  1. I completed all the levels, without getting candy feast. I’m in the process of three staring them.
    I’ll let you know when this happens ;)

    • You have to get all the drawings to unlock this. I had all three stars and other achievements and it didn’t show up till i got the drawings

  2. Hi,
    I don’t know where to put this question so I put it here – Is it possible that drawings are not included in CTR for android? I have paid version of game.

  3. It happened for me after I collected all the drawings. Don’t know if getting three stars was also a pre-requisite but I had three stars on all levels as well.

      • I wonder if you have to three star everything without the use of Om-Nom’s super powers to get access to Candy Feast, and the five related achievements.. I have neither confirmed or disproven this, so I’m curious.

        As the drawings relate to this, I have a precautionary bit of advice: when tapping on the locations for the drawings, tap ONCE, then let it expand to full size. I was, in effect, double-tapping on some of them, and the game would mark those drawings as being found, but NOT as being collected. Once that state is achieved, you don’t get a second shot at collecting the drawings. The only remedy was to completely uninstall the game, then reinstall it.

  4. I was only able to unlock it once I got 3 stars on all of the levels and collected all of the drawings. Then when I turned the app back on it said “congratulations! You unlocked Candy Feast!” Or something like that.

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