Cut the Cheese — Get it?

CTR Cheese 01

I know, I know. Lame joke. But ZeptoLabs update of the original Cut the Rope is no joke. They’ve introduced the usually 25 new levels and brought a new game mechanic. A feisty little mouse whom I call “Pepé*. This little mouse bounces back and forth between holes and if the candy gets within reach of his little arms he snags it and starts popping up all over the place like a Whack-a-Mole game.

I’m always thankful for a new mechanic in the Cut the Rope series, as it adds a great deal of added fun and almost feels like a new game. But, Pepe is unfortunately not one of my favorites. In my opinion he feels like more of an annoyance than a fun new mechanic or even a challenge for that matter. Though yes, he DOES add a challenge, it’s the kind that makes me want to slap him on his little face. Just as I think I’ve got the level as good as completed, in comes the mouse to ruin it all. And because he moves so fast, getting the timing right to avoid him can be quite tricky.

All of this being said, new levels are new levels. Get the new ones now, they’re a quick, free update away.

*I have no idea if he has a real name or not. I just think he looks like a Pepé.

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