Cut the Rope Updates…wait…what?



Ok, yeah, sometimes I exaggerate a little when I say it’s been a while since we’ve seen a game release more levels. But this time, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration. The last update to the original Cut the Rope was in mid August. That’s almost 5 months. And Cut the Rope Experiments? That was updated with new levels last May. So if you, like me, we’re feeling the starts of withdrawals. I understand, I’m with ya.

But, not too worry. Zeptolab has stepped by and brought a slick, new game mechanic in the new chapter, Steam Box. What is the new nifty way for shoving around candy? Yup you guessed it! Steam! Using a new valve of sorts you can control the candy by tapping the valve and adjusting the rate of steam flow. You’ve got three levels of flow to chose from to get your candy to float where you need it. I’ve run through a few of the 25 total levels and though I don’t think this is the MOST creative of their chapter releases, it still is a blast to play. Maybe it’s because I’ve been without the game for too long. Who knows. I really enjoy these puzzles and am ever excited to see what’s next.

The update is available now on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Grab it now!

App Store
Google Play



One comment on “Cut the Rope Updates…wait…what?

  1. Hi Fuji Toast,
    Finaly real update in CTR. I love this game, soooo cute character and really challenging game play. Ido agree this is not one of most creative boxes, although I played less then half levels and couldn’t be sure, somehow I find it too predictable and easy to solve.
    I also played Pudding Monsters from Zeptolab after it was released in December last year, which I find too easy. BTW I really don’t like character. Who would like moustached pudding. Maybe after CTR and CTRE my expectations were set too high.
    Don’t you think it is strange coincidence that last update for CTR was at same day as Angry Birds Space Red Planet and that this one is at same day as ABSp Pig Dipper? Coincidence or it was proposely made by Zeptolab.
    Well, anyway I went to sleep at 2 a.m. last night after playing 16 levels in Space and 10 in CTR. Guess I will have enjoyable busy weekend.

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