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Today ZeptoLab released the Cut the Rope sequel fans have been waiting for. We not only get more OmNom but we get to meet his friends as well! Called “Nommies”, the friends will guide and assist OmNom through various new environments full of new obstacles and gameplay mechanics.

In Cut the Rope 2, story plays through revealing OmNoms whereabouts while he was missing for the past 6 weeks. We start out with OmNom being kidnapped by a hot air balloon and getting dumped in a forest. It’s here that we meet his first friend and get introduced to some of the new gameplay elements. The friends have various ways of assisting OmNom in getting his prized Candy. But that’s not all, OmNom is no longer forced to remain sitting on his pedestal. You can now move him around and interact with him! With 5 new chapters you’ll meet five friends and many new game mechanics in a total of 125 levels.

Now don’t get me wrong, Cut the Rope Experiments and Time Travel were great games which I thoroughly enjoyed. Always creative, and full of new ideas. But this was the first release that really felt like a full new release. It doesn’t seem like a new introduction to Cut the Rope like the others felt. It’s meant for the fans, those who know the franchise and are ready for more of everything. Cut the Rope 2 is chock full of new power-ups and secret levels and more.

Cut the Rope 2 is currently only available for iOS but Android users have no fear, ZeptoLabs promises the Android version will drop in early January.

Cut the Rope 2 is currently 99¢ in the iOS Store. Grab it now for more great puzzle fun!

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  1. I waited this since it was announced. WOW – this game is sooo cool. Maybe not THAT inovative but as all otheres games in CTR series it is still one of the best mobile games.
    Players are given daily rewards just for oppening game everyday.

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